How to Build a Habit of Approaching Women

Approaching women is very challenging for many men. The unknowns are just too many and the risks are too great. So how can a man build a habit of approaching women and striking a conversation with them? In the world of dating this is a million dollar question and here are some million dollar ideas you can think about.

You need to accept rejection as part of life

Toronto dating coach Mars Blacc, who recently ran a dating bootcamp in nyc  says that, “Rejection is the essential building block of success.”  Not only is rejection part of life, it is necessary to achieve success later on. Without rejection you simply cannot understand what you are doing wrong and what you need to improve. Failures are building blocks of success and rejection is the same thing. You need to be rejected a little bit more before finally getting the “yes” that you wanted from the very beginning. So go out there and take your chances.

Courage is doing it anyway

Even the most confident guys and those that have approached women many times before still feel the tension and jitters every now and then. The nerves are normal. The secret is to develop the ability to control the nervousness and just get through with it. After the first few lines it will all flow naturally. Meeting women is acknowledging the fear but understanding the fact that fear is nothing compared to the rewards of talking to a gorgeous girl.

Overcome your ego

Cold-approaching is one of the most difficult things to do as a man. Approaching a hot random girl you do not know in the street is all about confronting your ego, your confidence issues. When you do not get past this wall, chances are you will have a hard time building a habit of walking up to a girl as often as want to. By just trusting yourself more and building up your self-worth above the pain and humiliation associated with rejection, you are on your way of being carefree about talking to a woman anywhere, anytime.